Therapy Documentation & EMR
Therapy documentation from any computer with internet access

Therapy Notes, Documentation, and EMR

Customizable Documentation & EMR
Customize your therapy notes

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    Customizable Therapy Notes

    You are not stuck with a stock note template. You can add fields to your note templates, choosing from useful fields types such as narratives, goal sets, goal progression, checkboxes, and drop down menus..

  • Integrated with Scheduling

    Therabill is schedule driven, as opposed to note driven. It all starts by adding sessions to your schedule. You then open the session when you are ready to document it using our custom documentation feature. It is seamlessly integrated.

  • Integrated with Billing

    There is no superbill to create. You do not need to push information to your biller. Scheduled sessions are entered into your schedule, documented, and immediately and seamlessly available for billing. We can't understand doing it any other way.

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  • Branded With Your Logo

    Print your documentation to our default note layout. You can upload your company logo in to Therabill and have your documentation branded.

  • Simple Notes

    In addition to the documentation system, Therabill offers simple notes. A simple note is simply a rich text editor. This feature is great for documenting phone calls or any other information you want about clients or therapy sessions.

  • Note Signing

    Each therapist gets a digital note signature. To finalize a note, the rendering healthcare provider simply enters their digital signature.

  • Note Addendums

    After note signing, you can make corrections through addendums. Create as many addendums as needed.

  • Secure FAX Out Service

    Use our FAX out service to quickly fax your documentation to any U.S. FAX number. Only 8 cents per page.

  • Start immediately.

    Try Therabill free for 30 days with no restrictions. Create and document as many sessions as needed. You can also send out as many electronic claims as you want. There are no restrictions..

Our logic was to bring it all together...
which we have!

Your schedule is integrated with billing.


Your therapy schedule is completely integrated with billing. No separate software to purchase. Drag and drop rescheduling makes it easy. Synch your Therabill schedule to Google Calendar.

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Electronic Insurance Claims
HIPAA compliant EDI claims. No per claim fees.

EDI Insurance Claims

Send HIPAA compliant electronic claims to thousands of insurance companies as well as government payers. No need to create clearinghouse accounts, Therabill routes claims for you, making your billing more efficient.

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Cloud Based Therapy Software
Billing, Scheduling, Documentation in the cloud


Manage your therapy practice from any computer with an internet connection. Your patient information is stored securely and backed up nightly.

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Highlighted Features

Therabill was designed to be intuitive. But we didn't skimp on the features:

• And much more..

About Therabill

Therabill started in 2005 when Cynthia Dundas, a Speech Language Pathologist went on the search for software to help her cut down the amount of time it took for her to bill insurance. And that is where the story of Therabill begins.

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"I was unsure if I had the knowledge to bill for myself. I then came across Therabill and I am so happy that I did. I would recommend Therabill to anyone. It is easy and a great value."

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