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Integrated Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing

Our system comes with built-in credit card processing integration.

  • Simplified Credit Card Payment

    Our credit card processing partners can easily integrate your merchant account with Therabill’s payment gateway. On your end, that means you can quickly post credit card payments directly to patient accounts.

  • Easy Credit Card Data Entry

    Our credit card gateway allows you to enter credit card data in one of two ways: keying in the information manually or swiping the card with a USB swiper that attaches directly to your computer. Whatever entry method you choose, our system securely stores all credit card data on a PCI-compliant server.

  • Competitive Rates

    We’ve partnered with merchant accounts that’ll work with you to obtain the lowest possible credit card processing rates.

  • Preferred Merchant Account Partners

    Our preferred merchant account providers, Novera and Club Automation, offer service options to suit any practice. To learn more about those options, contact the providers via the links below.

    For general information about the credit card setup process, refer to this help article.