About Therabill
Our mission is simple: To maintain a simple and affordable therapy practice management solution.

"When I first signed up, I was unsure of whether Therabill would meet my needs. The price was much lower than any other software I had looked at. After using Therabill, I have found that Therabill has all of the features that I need. I am quite impressed."

Therabill was born of necessity. Back in 2005, Cynthia Dundas MS CCC/SLP was searching for software to help her do her insurance billing. She was tired of spending several hours a night filling out CMS-1500 HCFA forms. With the help of her husband, she went on a search for insurance billing software. All they could find was overly complicated and over-priced software. Luckily, Cynthia's husband had a very strong IT background. After much discussion, the wife and husband team decided to build their own insurance billing software.


Over the years, as other healthcare therapists began using Therabill and supplying feedback and suggestions, Therabill grew into a powerful therapy practice management solution complete with electronic insurance billing, scheduling, and documentation. Therabill continues to listen to its members' needs. Therabill is truly software that was designed by therapists, for therapists.

Our Commitment:

  • Therabill is committed to keep up to date with current technology and developing new features for electronic insurance billing, therapy scheduling, and therapy documentation.
  • Therabill is committed to maintaining affordable rates.
  • Therabill is committed to forming a respectful business relation with each member.


Electronic Insurance Claims
HIPAA compliant EDI claims. No per claim fees.

EDI Insurance Claims

Send HIPAA compliant electronic claims to thousands of insurance companies as well as government payers. No need to create clearinghouse accounts, Therabill routes claims for you, making your billing more efficient.

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Your schedule is integrated with billing.


Your therapy schedule is completely integrated with billing. No separate software to purchase. Drag and drop rescheduling makes it easy. Synch your Therabill schedule to Google Calendar.

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Documentation & EMR
All of your client records are stored in our cloud.


Document your therapy sessions from any computer with an Internet connection. Documentation is customizable, allowing you to define what information you want to record. Use our secure FAX out service to send your therapy notes to any U.S. FAX number.

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Highlighted Features

Therabill was designed to be intuitive. But we didn't skimp on the features:

• And much more..

About Therabill

Therabill started in 2005 when Cynthia Dundas, a Speech Language Pathologist went on the search for software to help her cut down the amount of time it took for her to bill insurance. And that is where the story of Therabill begins.

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"I was unsure if I had the knowledge to bill for myself. I then came across Therabill and I am so happy that I did. I would recommend Therabill to anyone. It is easy and a great value."

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